COVID-19: Governor Mandate


By EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 20-10 Governor Kate Brown has mandated that all non-urgent health care providers (which includes dentists) TEMPORARILY CLOSE until June 15th, 2020 in order to conserve all personal protective equipment (PPE, gloves & masks).  In addition to the closure our office has been mandated to redirect our current PPE supply to the State of Oregon’s PPE Coordinator no later than March 27th.  

 In an effort to be helpful to the physicians and first line employees we have turned over our PPE supply.  Which means our office is extremely low on PPE. 

For those that have appointments prior to June15th we will leave your appointment on the schedule, but work to reschedule your appointment when we have a clearer understanding of the situation at hand.  We will be calling patients over the coming weeks, but please do not inundate our office with phone calls, as we need to leave our lines open for those with emergency dental issues that warrants an appointment under the rules of the new mandate. 

During this uncertain time if you do have a true dental emergency our office will coordinate the safest way to treat your condition while keeping the COVID-19 risks to a minimum.  That could mean that patients will need to be appointed with another office that has the proper PPE to protect the patients and employees.  

As we have stated before we regret that we must restrict our patient care this way. These are unprecedented times and our office is trying to navigate this situation the best way we can.  It seems as though the information is changing daily, so please be patient with us if there will be more changes in the coming days or weeks. 

We will be here via phone for urgent dental needs only or email for non-urgent dental questions during regular business hours and after hours through our on-call dentist (number is on the voicemail).

Some dental problems maybe be solved via teledentistry,basically a dental appointment over the phone.  Numerous insurance companies have given us permission to bill them for these services.  We can check with them to see if you are covered for those services if a dental issue arises.

Signs or Symptoms of an Urgent Dental Need:

• Severe toothache pain
• Bleeding in your mouth that does not stop
• A broken tooth that is causing severe pain (not one that is chipped)
• Dental infections causing terrible pain to the point where it interferes with sleep and not managed with over-the-counter pain medication
• A serious oral infection—if there is swelling around your jawline or under your mouth

Salem Family and Cosmetic Dentistry 503-399-7460. Alternatively, if you are a patient of record, email us with concerns about urgent dental needs: email is only checked during business hours).

Kate Brown’s Executive Order: